X-ray Detectors
VIVIX-M Series

Multi-purpose Portable Flat Panel Detector for Digital Mammography Radiography.
Flat Panel Detector for 3D Mammography System, designed to capture high-quality digital X-ray images. It utilizes a direct conversion technology based on amorphous selenium, which provides high DQE (detective quantum efficiency) for enhanced image quality with low radiation dose.

Available in two options VIVIX-M 1824S (3072 x 2304 pixels) and VIVIX-M 2430S (3840 × 3072 pixels)


  • Superior Image Quality (Pixel Pitch: 75 ㎛)
  • IGZO TFT Panel
  • High MTF & DQE
  • Vieworks’ proprietary AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) technology with reliable performance
  • ISO 4090 (same size as a film/CR cassette)
  • Special Design for Conventional AEC Systems
  • Thin Chest Wall Distance
  • Convenient Patient Positioning
  • Securing Active Area Easily
  • Enhanced Workflow – Smart-W™ (Optimization X-ray Window Technology: processes the image right away once the x-ray exposure is finished