Ivatherm Whitening products
Ivawhite Whitening cream 50 ml

Specially designed cream for hyperpigmented, dark spots of various causes. Visibly depigments and whitens the skin, increases brightness and smoothens sensitive skin. Reduces the number, size and color intensity of ephelides (freckles), melasma and transient hyperpigmentation. The skin becomes white, even, visibly rejuvenated. Has a rich cocktail of cosmetic actives that acts synergistically to prevent the production and transfer of melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes.

Ivawhite Intensive whitening serum 30 ml

The intensive serum depigments, smoothens, and improves the brightness of the face. Stimulates the disappearance of hyperpigmentation spots and prevents their recurrence. Clinically proven efficiency in melasma. Indicated to all types of sensitive skin.
The serum has a double mechanism of action on pigmentation spots:

  • Reduces the production of melanin (the dark pigment) by inhibiting the enzymes involved in its formation (TYR, TRP-2,TRP-1)
  • Inhibits the transfer of melanin to the upper layers of the skin.

Product recommended by dermatologists.