Dry skin
Dry and Sensitive Skin products
Thermal Micellar Water 250ml

To remove makeup, cleanse, and tone even the most sensitive skin in one step.
Recommended by dermatologists for a gentle yet effective one-step cleansing product for even the most sensitive skin, including for patients with rosacea or seborrheic dermatitis.
Clean, soothe and refresh skin, as well as remove even waterproof makeup, without irritation. With micelles technology, this one step acts as a cleanser and toner. Still, it is super gentle and suitable for dry and mature skin, as well as sensitised skin ranging from rosacea to seborrheic dermatitis.

Multi-performance Cleansing milk for face and eyes 200ml

For gentle daily cleansing for sensitive skin.
Recommended by dermatologists as a gentle daily cleanser as part of any skin treatment regime.
Without irritating the skin or upsetting its balance, this lotion cleanses, removes makeup and moisturises the skin. It is recommended for dry, very dry, sensitive, and skin that’s lacking in brightness.

Multi-performance Hydrating body cream 200ml

For intense hydration and skin comfort for sensitive skin.
Recommended by dermatologists as an intensive skin hydrator for dry skin patches on the body.
Dry skin often feels tight and uncomfortable. This hydrating body cream immediately restores suppleness and comfort to dry skin and helps the skin to improve its own regenerative barriers.

Multi-performance Hydrating face cream 50ml

Daily moisturizer for dry and very dry sensitive skin. 
Recommended by dermatologists for daily moisturizing to help dry and very dry skin feel more comfortable, and to strengthen the skin’s barrier function.
Dry skin has a deficiency of lipids, which means the skin’s barrier function isn’t working at an optimal level. Daily use of the Hydrating Cream helps the skin to better resist environmental; aggressors, and slow the loss of water through the skin’s surface.

Multi-performance Hydrating hand cream 50ml

For daily moisturization and protection for hard-working, sensitive hands.
The skin on our hands is exposed to many things every day that cause dehydration and can increase sensitivity. 
Providing immediate as well as long-lasting deep hydration, regularly applying this hand cream helps skin to feel more supple and comfortable, as well as reducing signs of inflammation.

Multi-performance Hydrating face cream SPF 20 50ml

Daily moisturizer for dry and very dry sensitive skin, SPF 20.
80% of skin ageing is caused by exposure to UV light. That’s why dermatologists recommend the daily use of a product with broad-spectrum protection.
Multi-performance Hydrating Face Cream SPF 20 helps to protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation and prevents premature skin aging. Ideal for dry and very dry skin, the nourishing texture provides protection and lasting moisturization, keeping skin looking and feeling smooth and supple.
Sweat and water-resistant.

Multi-performance Lip balm 15ml

For deep moisturization and repair of the lips.
To moisturize and soften dry, cracked lips.
A super-rich balm to repair and soften dried and cracked lips, helping them to retain moisture and feel more comfortable. It also has a subtle and refreshing citrus scent.

Cleansing wipes, face and eyes

To effectively cleanse sensitive skin when time is short.
While dermatologists wouldn’t recommend the use of cleansing wipes every day, they recognize how busy our lives can be. Ivatherm is proud to have developed an option that they would recommend for occasional use by those with sensitive skin.
Created specifically for sensitive skin as a simple way to cleanse the skin, and remove even waterproof makeup. After use, the skin feels soft and clean, with no tight feeling.