Skin Repair
Ivatherm Sensitive Dehydrated Skin products

Skin repair products from Ivatherm

Aquafil Hydra Light hydrating cream 50 ml

Lightweight hydrating cream for normal to combination skin
Recommended by dermatologists for normal to combination skins, which can still be dehydrated, but respond better to a lighter textured product.
Aquafil Hydra Light provides instant hydration in a very light and fluid texture. Dermatologists recommend this when the skin is prone to oiliness in parts, or during summer months when the skin needs lighter textures. With daily use, it helps the skin to maintain its moisture balance better.

Aquafil Hydra Light SPF30 hydrating cream 50 ml

Lightweight daily protection against UV radiation for normal to combination skin
80% of skin aging is caused by exposure to UV light. That’s why dermatologists recommend the daily use of a product with broad-spectrum protection.
Aquafil Hydra Light SPF 30 Cream protects the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation and prevents premature skin aging. Ideal for normal to combination skin, the light texture provides protection and lasting hydration, keeping skin looking and feeling firm and supple.

Aquafil Hydra Rich hydrating cream 50 ml

Rich hydrating cream for sensitive dry or very dry skin
Recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin that is dry or very dry, which requires additional moisturization to feel soft and comfortable.
Aquafil Hydra Rich gives skin an immediate, as well as long-lasting, dose of optimal moisturization Perfect for people with dry or very dry, sensitive skin, its rich texture is particularly suitable for skin in the autumn and winter when many people feel their skin needs additional moisturization. With daily use, skin feels less tight and more comfortable, as well as looking softer and firmer.

Aquafil Hydra Complex gel-cream eye contour 15 ml

To hydrate, smooth, and brighten the sensitive eye area.
Recommended by dermatologists to rehydrate and brighten the eye area, without overloading it with heavy ingredients.
Created to leave the eye area looking and feeling rejuvenated, this gel cream is light in texture but scientifically formulated with a highly effective combination of extracts. With daily use, the eye area will look more vibrant, with a reduction in the appearance of bags under the eyes, dark circles, lines, and wrinkles.

Aquafil Hydra Hydrating Serum 30 ml

Ultra-light oil-free serum, with a very fluid texture that the skin absorbs rapidly, offering immediate and long-lasting hydration to your skin’s deeper layers. Its formula is twice more concentrated in innovative moisturizing ingredients* (Aquaphyline® – hydrating inductor) and is rich in peptides and hyaluronic acid.
It smoothes, mattifies, improves the skin’s elasticity, and prevents wrinkles. The skin regains its radiance.

Aquafil Hydra Cleansing Foam

A lotion that turns into a light foam that gently cleanses, removes makeup and impurities from the face, eyes, and lips, and moisturizes while protecting the skin’ microbiome. The skin will get a smoother, velvety, and brighter appearance.
Enriched with Herculane Thermal Water, Aquafil Hydra cleansing foam soothes and decongests even the most sensitive skin
A hypoallergenic formula, without soap, parabens, or perfume.
Recycled packaging
15% ingredient of BIO origin