Interventional Products
Dophi™ Tumor Ablation Platform

Ablation is an image-guided, non-surgical treatment in which interventional radiologists guide a needle-tipped catheter directly into a tumor, then shrink or destroy the tumor with extreme heat or cold.
Surgnova continues to explore and lead the development of tumor ablation technology and is committed to providing the most advanced and complete tumor ablation platform worldwide, to achieve precision, diversity, and reliability of tumor ablation treatment.

Dophi™ N3000 Electroporation System

Dophi™ N3000 Electroporation System is designed for tumor ablation with advanced precision, safety and reliability. Powered by Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) technology, Dophi™ N3000 can ablate tumors in complex anatomical environments. “IRE is a promising method for treatment of tumors near blood vessels, nerves, bile ducts, and connective tissues as these structures remain intact with IRE.”

  • Real-time Tissue Temperature Monitoring For Better Protection Of Nerves And Blood Vessels
  • Built-In High-Precision Pulse Synchronization Module
  • Real-time Detection And Display Of Voltage/Current/Impedance/R-wave For Inter-operative Adjustments
  • Pre-operative Planning System Based On AI Algorithm
  • Smart Data Management System And Export Of Procedure Report
  • Visual GUI Design With Touch Screen For Easy And Efficient Operation
Dophi™ M150E Microwave Ablation System

Dophi™ patented Anti-phase Technology enables ultraspherical ablation with predictability,high precision,reproducibility,and safety across various tissue types.

  • Two Independent Channels With Power Output Up To 150W
  • High Accuracy Power Output Control With ±5% Tolerance
  • Built-in State-Of-Art Peristaltic Pump For Antenna Cooling
  • Slick And Simple User Interface For Easy Operation
Dophi™ R150E Radiofrequency Ablation System

With advanced precision and three-electrode ablation capacity, intelligent impedance monitoring algorithm, and full-electrode water cooling design, Dophi™ R150E RF Ablation System enables large and precise ablation zone even in the most challenging tissues. In addition to conventional 17G, 19G electrodes are also available primarily for thyroid ablation.

  • Three-Electrode Ablation Synchrony
    Needle for Irregular
  • Large Tumors with More Controllable Ablation Shape
  • Smart Impedance Monitoring Algorithm
  • Excellent Water Cooling Technology for Minimal Tissue Carbonization
  • Slick and Simple User Interface for Easy Operation