Redness + sensitive
Dermatological Treatments products
Rosederm Anti-redness Thermal Micellar Water 250ml

For gentle daily cleansing for sensitive skin prone to rosacea.
Recommended by dermatologists as the first step in a regime to help sensitive skin prone to rosacea and couperose.
Gently cleanses, removes makeup and soothes fragile and irritated reactive skin, rebalancing skin’s pH. Suitable for removing eye makeup.

Rosederm Cream 30 ml

To reduce redness and irritation in skin prone to couperose and rosacea.
Recommended by dermatologists to reduce signs of irritation, and the size of small visible veins associated with couperose and rosacea.
A gentle daily moisturizing cream, created to reduce redness and irritation, as well as helping to improve the skin’s microcirculation.

Rosederm Cream SPF30 40ml
Provides UVA/B protection and reduces redness and irritation in sensitive skin prone to couperose and rosacea.
80% of skin aging is caused by exposure to UV light. That’s why dermatologists recommend the daily use of a product with broad-spectrum protection. In skin that is prone to couperose and rosacea, it’s particularly important, as increases in intradermal temperature are known to aggravate rosacea in particular.
Cicaderm Cream with Mimosa Tenuiflora 40 ml

Repairing healing cream based on Mimosa Tenuiflora, helps the rapid healing of skin lesions and reduces the risk of scar formation.
Immediately applied to the lesion, favors stop bleeding, calms the irritation and helps restore the integrity of the skin. Creates favorable conditions for aesthetic scarring of small wounds, abrasions, burns, lesions of chickenpox or acne, after laser and microsurgery procedures. Successfully used after hair removal (epilation). A product tested and recommended by dermatologists!

Cicaderm Spray with Mimosa Tenuiflora 50 ml

Repairing, healing spray for “wet” lesions with exudate, for fold areas, skin rashes or post-dermatocosmetic procedures (laser, peeling, microneedling), dermatological microsurgery.
Repairs quickly wet skin lesions, from areas that are hard to reach or sensitive to touch, having an intense purifying and calming effect. Unlike the cream, the composition of the spray has an absorbing and drying effect on small wounds and wet lesions, favoring healing.

Cicaderm Barrier Cream 75 ml

Insulates, repairs, and protects the skin accidentally or constantly exposed to irritants or allergens.
Recommended for the daily use of latex gloves(doctors, food workers, hair stylists, etc.), irritations produced by chemicals used in housekeeping or industrial activities, daily exposure to dishwashing detergents, irritations produced by cosmetics, paints, various pollutants in the atmosphere. It forms a protective barrier to the skin against polluting, irritant, and allergen factors. Restores skin integrity, soothes, and ensures long-term comfort. Prevents and reduces the risk of developing contact dermatitis.
A product tested and recommended by dermatologists!

Ivadermaseb Cream 40 ml

For sensitive skin associated with redness and squams.
The cream is intensely repairing, anti-irritant and moisturizing for the areas with specific problems manifested by redness and scales. They usually appear on the wings of the nose, forehead, eyebrows, and chin, during periods of impaired immunity, stress, and insomnia. Such lesions on the head skin are popularly called dandruff. It occurs frequently in young babies, on the scalp, in the form of milk crusts. This favorite cream tested by dermatologists, has a rich complex of active ingredients that purifies the skin of bacteria and fungi, regulates the appearance of excess scales, and reduces sebum production.

Ivadermaseb Intensive anti-dandruff shampoo 200 ml

For sensitive scalp skin with seborrhea, redness and squams.
The intensive anti-dandruff shampoo regulates desquamation, redness, sebum excess and itching sensation on the scalp. It has a reparative, purifying, soothing and moisturizing effect on the very irritated scalp.