Ivahidra+ line
Ivatherm Dry and very Dry Skin products
Ivahidra+ Emollient cleansing gel 250ml or 500ml

For sensitive, very dry to atopic skin
This product is a cream gel, very gentle, for cleansing the body or face, after makeup removal. Its specially designed-formula cleanses without drying the skin. It is recommended for any type of sensitive skin, dry, normal, or mixed skin. Recommended also for washing the skin of children and babies. Calms the feeling of discomfort and irritation. Its formula is non-detergent, with a high tolerance, enriched with moisturizing actives. It is ideal for the daily cleansing of dry and sensitive skin of babies, children, and adults, for the face and body. Does not contain perfume and soap!

Ivahidra+ Emollient body cream 200 ml

For sensitive, very dry, atopy-prone skin
This product is specially designed for intense deep hydration, strong repair, and restructuring of very dry and sensitive skin with atopic tendencies. It is a cream very rich in active ingredients, Hydration inductors, humectants, and occlusives, an emollient cream that ensures deep, immediate, and long-term hydration, restoring the suppleness of dry and aggressed skin. Immediately soothes the feeling of discomfort and itching. It has no perfume and is well absorbed by the skin.

Ivahidra+ Hydrating face cream 40 ml

For sensitive dry and very dry skin
A strong moisturizing cream for sensitive, dry, and very dry skin. This product essentially contributes to the restoration and strengthening of the skin’s hydro-lipid barrier. It contains hydration inducers, humectants, and occlusive hydrating agents that act synergistically through all the essential mechanisms in hydration. Provides deep, immediate, and long-term hydration, restoring the suppleness of dry and aggressed skin. It is a fragrance-free cream.

Ivahidra+ AD Intensive Cream Balm 200 or 400mlo

It is an emollient with an innovative formula for infants, children, and adults with atopic skin type tendency, severe dryness and itchiness sensation. It reduces the intensity and frequency of the relapses that happen with atopic dermatitis, because of its complex mechanism of action: it rebuilds the barrier function and the skin’s microbiome; it hydrates intensely and for a long period, reduces redness and the irritations associated with server dry skin, reduces the itchiness sensation. 
Clinically proven efficiency and pediatric tolerability.