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We are a focused healthcare provider specializing in the distribution of Medical products in Healthcare Institutions throughout Iraq and in the Kurdistan region.

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Our Professional Service

Because of our solid client ties and after-sales service, our company has a large customer base that continues to develop year after year.
Carrying out more than 100 operational activities requires concentration and effort, and we are grateful to the outstanding team for maintaining and expanding this number.




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We provide various Directions

A wide range of radiological equipment is available, including x-ray, fluoroscopy, C-arms, Mammography, DR panels, film printers, and disc publishers.


This product line contains cutting-edge technology for tumor ablation platform, biopsy devices, tumor markers and drainage catheters.


We provide best-in-class solutions for neurosurgeons such as the Neuro-Micorscope, a wide range of Neuro-instruments, and high-speed drills with perforators.


This line contains a number of the latest technology medical devices that assist cancer patients throughout their treatment, such as port catheters and ablation devices.

Laparoscopic Surgery

We keep our laparoscopic surgeons up to date on the latest innovations in this field by exposing them to 4D laparoscopes, automatic staplers, and ultrasonic scalpels.


Our products occupy a unique space in the market, bridging the gap between pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. They offer a range of medicinal or drug-like benefits.

point of care

Taking care of patients requires access to recent and reliable information, we provide the only patented Diabetic prediction test( Lundock) in addition to continuous glucose monitoring( CGM)

Hospital Supplies

We source and provide a full range of high-quality hospital equipment and provide installation, Training, and after-sale technical support, as well as complete turnkey Hospital projects.

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