Medical Image Printers
Horizon® XL Multi-media Imager

The Horizon XL combines diagnostic film, color paper, and grayscale paper printing to provide the world’s most versatile medical imager. Horizon XL features exclusive 36” and 51” dry, long film ideal for long bone and scoliosis studies.


  • Print Technology: Dye-diffusion and direct thermal (dry, daylight-safe operation) 
  • Spatial Resolution: 320 DPI (12.6 pixels/mm)
  • Throughput: Up to 100 films per hour 
  • Time To Operate: 5 minutes (ready to print from “off” )
  • Grayscale Contrast Resolution: 12 bits (4096) 
  • Color Resolution: 16.7 million colors 
  • Media Inputs: Three supply cassettes, 25-100 sheets each, one color ribbon
  • Media Outputs: Three receive trays, 50-sheet capacity each, 8” x 10”, 14” x 17” (blue and clear) DirectVista® Film 14” x 36”, 14” x 51” (blue only) DirectVista® Film A, A4, 14” x 17” DirectVista Grayscale Paper A, A4 ChromaVista® Color Paper